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Home > Healthcare Quality Corner > Performance Improvement > PI Models > Introduction to PI Models

 Written by: Abier Hamami. RPH.CPHQ


Performance improvement PI in any organization requires a structured and strategic approach. There are many approaches and models available, and the choice which to use can be a difficult one. However all aim to address the following objectives, with the ultimate aim of improving performance:

·        Meet customers need;

·        Make organizations more results- orientated;

·        Provide a framework to improve processes or practices;

·        Aid in strategic management;

·        Involve individual staff in organizational objectives and improvement process;

·        Identify opportunities for improvement;

·        Improve communication and cooperation.

 PI approaches and models are all planned, systematic, organization-wide, and collaborative. They represent the Continuous improvement concept in regards to planning, monitoring, analyzing, and improving.

Organizations will need to undertake research to decide on the PI approach or balance of approaches that would best suit their circumstances. They need to be clear what they are trying to achieve and why before selecting a particular model or approach. This will involve asking a series of questions, including:

·         What are you aiming to change and improve?

·        What outcome are you looking for?

·        Does the improvement need to be holistic covering all the organizations activities or designed for a specific task, service or area of  activity?

·        What is the key driver for change i.e. inspection or review, change of staff etc

·        What is the timescale for the change?

·        What resources are available?

·        To what extent do you want to involve staff in the changes?



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