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  This section includes many information about drug distribution and control systems. 
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Home > Hospital Pharmacy > Drug Distribution and Control > Intravenous Admixture Program
Written By: Wafaa Shwaiky. RPH




Characteristics Of Sterile Product Areas


Understanding USP Chapter 797 


Intravenous means within the vein (IV) The drug added to an IV solution is called additive and the completed preparation is called IV admixture. IV admixture is of prime importance compared to other UD dispensing activities, because of the critical problems, which can result from improper compounding. 

To ensure sterility by applying aseptic technique, stability, accurate pharmaceutical calculations, and avoid incompatibility, establishing of a centralized pharmacy IV admixture service becomes essential.

Health care personnel who are appropriately qualified to prepare IV admixtures are hospital pharmacists and technicians. They are properly trained to eliminate the dangers, which can occur from improper compounding of IV admixtures.  

Advantages Of  IV Admixture Service:

  • Centralizes the responsibility for the preparation, dispensing and controlling of parenteral admixtures.
  • Eliminates the need for nurses or physicians to prepare and dispense I.V. preparations providing them additional time for their professional responsibilities.
  • Increases the safety of parenteral medications.

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