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  This is a bilingual (Arabic/English) website intended to publish a lot of information and assists to enhance the professional level of hospital pharmacists and other healthcare workers.    We deeply welcome your suggestions and contributions. 
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Pharmacorner is committed to provide drug information, and educate pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in hospitals, and health systems, to advance their role in the patient care process.


Pharmacorner will:

- Have an active role in formulary management and drug review for different health systems.

- Perform an important role in exchanging experiences between pharmacists through its forum.

- Have an image among pharmacy students, practitioners, and other healthcare  professionals as an efficient reference in pharmacy services advances.

- Influence the role of patient and family education on achieving better outcomes in therapy.

- Promote medication safety and prevent medication errors.

- Provide continuing education through e-learning and training courses.


: we work together sharing experience, knowledge, and skills.
Quality: excellence is what we are pursuing.
Competency: we share good experience, knowledge, and skills.
Professionalism: we are highly committed to our life long learning process.
Simplicity: information is presented in an easy-to-understand way.
Integrity: all different information is presented to aid in the overall learning process.


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