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  This section demonstrates the administrational tasks in modern hospital pharmacies.  
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Home > Hospital Pharmacy > Administrational > Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T Committee)
Written By: Hanan Khalaf. RPH


By definition, is a committee of the medical staff and only one or two pharmacists as members. Commonly, the pharmacy director serves as the committee’s secretary.
Physicians acting as members in the P&T committee, are usually chosen from various areas of practice, with a chairperson from among the physician representatives. P&T committee might include representatives from other areas of the hospital as nursing, administration, quality assurance as members as well.

P&T committee with its diverse membership plays an extremely important role in the organizational structure of any institution. The primary function of the P&T committee can be summarized as follows: decision-making body governing the formulary addition or deletion.
Although P&T committee consists mainly of physicians, pharmacists play a critical role in organizing the topics and agenda for the meeting as well as evaluation of drug monographs.




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