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  Our calculators include most of the calculations needed by physicians and pharmacists concerning patients and their therapy. 
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Home > The Calculators > Anion Gap Calculator

Serum sodium level ( Na+): mmol/L
(optional) Serum potassium level ( K+): mmol/L
Serum chloride level ( Cl- ): mmol/L
Serum bicarbonate level ( HCO3- ): mmol/L

Anion Gap = mmol/L

Normal Anion Gap with potassium = 16 +/- 4 mmol/L

Normal Anion Gap without potassium = 12 +/- 4 mmol/L

Anion Gap with Potassium = [Na+] + [K+] - [Cl-] - [HCO3-]

Anion Gap without Potassium = [Na+] - [Cl-] - [HCO3-]

Anion gap: is a measurement of the anions in the arterial blood (besides chloride and bicarbonate anions). Arterial blood is blood in the arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart. Chloride is a combination of the element, chlorine, with another element. Bicarbonate is a substance in the blood that prevents it from becoming too acidic or too alkaline (non-acidic).

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