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Home > Continuing Education > TQM in Pharmacy : Introduction and Application

Authorship: Abier Hamami. RPH.CPHQ

                     Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality

                     Former QI Coordinator in KFSH& RC


Institution: Quality and Pharmacy Education and Consulting Website



Category: TQM in Pharmacy Practice.





The Total Quality Management TQM concept was only introduced into healthcare in the early 1990s, whereas it had for a long time before contributed to the great revolution in Japanese industry after World War II. TQM is a customer-focused and data-based management system that involves everybody in the organization. Pharmacy with the emergence of pharmaceutical care in the past few years has become a fundamental part of the healthcare system. This in turn, necessitates that TQM be applied to improve pharmaceutical processes and care outcomes. 



This presentation explains the TQM concept and application in pharmacy, through the development of a well organized quality improvement QI program; a program with certain defined components that focus on the patient as a customer, and continuously measure performance of pharmaceutical care. The QI program is documented in the form of an annual plan with certain goals and objectives, highlighting the different roles and responsibilities in the QI Process. Education and training with regards to different QI tools and models is an essential component of this program, and is done regularly or, on-the-job for all pharmacists. 



Understanding TQM as a concept will help pharmacists applying it to improve the quality of pharmaceutical care, and ensure patient satisfaction.

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